Teeth Whitening


30-Minute Teeth Whitening Session | $125

15-Minute Touch-Up Session | $75

Touch-Up Package (3) | $175

Whiten + Bronze Duo | $145



Can I get my teeth whitened if I am pregnant? 

It is recommended that you contact your physician and/or dentist prior to whitening.Currently, there is no regulation on whitening during pregnancy. Whitening sensitivities vary from case to case and pregnancy can result in heightened sensitivities.

Can I get my teeth whitened if I have gingivitis? 

It is not recommended to whiten if you have gingivitis and or periodontal disease. In either case, please consult your dentist prior to whitening.

Should I have a cleaning prior to whitening?

Yes! Cleaning within the past 6 months is preferred as this will allow your dentist/hygienist to assess their mouth and make sure it is healthy for whitening. This will also help maximize results as the plaque and tartar build up is diminished, allowing the whitening to be maximized.  

Can I get my teeth whitened if I have oral piercings?

All oral piercings must be removed prior to whitening.

Can my teeth be whitened if I've had composite bonding?

When bonding is applied to teeth it has been applied in a specific color. Any stains the have occurred over time will be removed from the bonding but the original color of the bonding will remain the same. The Whitening Gel will not harm or weaken the bonding but the Gel cannot change the original bonding color, which can result in a client having mismatching teeth as some are whiter than others. 

How long is the Teeth Whitening Session? 


What does the Whitening Gel Solution taste like?

The gel has a subtle mint and slight peroxide taste. The gel taste is very comparable to other whitening gels on the market for anyone who has used other whitening products.   

What would cause sensitivity and/or "White Spots" during and/or after getting my teeth whitened?  

Sensitivity and "White Spots" can be caused by a number of factors. Common factors include: Gel that has dispersed from the tray, sores from brushing or flossing teeth too hard, eating something sharp that has nicked the gum line, and gingival infection. If "White Spots" appear, this is generally cause from irritation from the gel being left on the soft tissue. Lack of oral hygiene, which includes inflamed gums from not flossing regularly can cause these spots. This usually disappears within 10 minutes but can take up to 24 hours to fully disappear.  

How many shades can I whiten after one treatment? 

On average, you can whiten 2-8 shades in one session. Some clients can move more shades than this and others only move 1 shade. This is all dependent on the current state of your teeth, genetics, your ability to take to the gel, and the in-studio preparation.

Why do I see the appearance of fine lines and "cracks" in my teeth after the whitening session?

All teeth have fine lines which are not typically noticeable given the film or pellicle layer on the teeth. Depending on the specific genetic traits of the teeth, these can be more noticeable after whitening, particularly if you have any calcium deposits or fluorosis. As the teeth naturally remineralize over the following 24 hours the tubules will reseal and the lines will be less visible. Should this still be noticeable, you can go to the dentist for a cleaning and polish, which will further reduce or eliminate the lines.

When can I eat/drink after my whitening session?

During the first hour after the treatment, only consume water and avoid all foods. Since the gel remains inside the tubules and continues to whiten to whiten the teeth, it is crucial to avoid any staining food or beverages for 24 hours as the tubules are still resealing. It is important to avoid things such as coffee, tomato (pasta) sauce, berries, etc. Anything that causes staining to teeth is best to be avoided after the treatment.