Tan Talk: The BEST Way To Exfoliate Before A Spray Tan

You've made your appointment... You've looked over the preparation instructions... Now, it's time for you to #Exfoliate. 

Not only is this oh-so-important prep step often overlooked before getting a spray tan, but is most times performed with poor products that either don't get the job done very well or are overly harsh and leave the skin looking red and feeling raw. Sorry to break it to you babe, but your loofah + micro-bead body scrub combo aren't going to cut it here.

What Even Is Exfoliating?

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin by utilizing either a chemical, granular substance, and/or exfoliation tool.

It's imperative to know that your skin naturally sheds off dead skin cells about every 30 days in order to make room for incoming cells.

Here is an important piece of exfoliating information - Sometimes, the dead cells don't completely shed in the 30-day period, which can result in dry, flaky patches of skin along with clogged pores. This is why taking the extra time to exfoliate your skin is not only necessary for overall skin health, but to ensure a long-lasting spray tan that appears even and doesn't cling to areas of non-exfoliated skin. 

So, What Is The Best Way To Exfoliate?

Glad you asked! Previously we mentioned that the main three methods of exfoliation are via a chemical treatment, granular substance, and/or an exfoliation tool.

Typically, a chemical exfoliation is performed by a licensed professional, such as an Esthetician. While this is a great treatment to receive every once in a while, it's not the most easily attainable method prior to every spray tan appointment.

Exfoliating with a granular substance, such as a body scrub, is an "okay" method to resurface and refine the texture of skin, but falls flat when it comes to most product formulations. Most scrubs on the market are filled with oils and other ingredients that tend to leave a residue on the skin. Any leftover residue will unfortunately act as a barrier layer when your spray tan is being airbrushed and can leave you with streaks and an uneven tone.

Any exfoliating product that requires manual scrubbing or rubbing falls into the category of a physical exfoliant or tool. Aside from chemical and granular substance exfoliation methods, which can leave residue on the skin, we recommend a manual scrub down with an Exfoliating Mitt. However, not just any Exfoliating Mitt you might find at a general store... But, one made of Kessa Fabric like ours.

Why Kessa Fabric?

Traditionally used in Hammam and Moroccan spas for hundreds of years, a mitt made of Kessa is manufactured using high-quality Viscose Crepe fabric that is safe to use on all skin types with even more benefits than skin exfoliation. These benefits include, but are not limited to: removing old self-tanner, evening out skin texture by removing dead skin, unclogging pores, reducing probability of ingrown hairs, improving circulation, promoting skin elasticity and collagen production, stimulating blood and lymphatic system, enhancing the absorption of beauty products to make them more effective (AKA your spray tan), plus more!

How Do I Use An Exfoliating Mitt?

It's. So. Easy. For best results, run a warm to hot shower to open your pores. Wet your exfoliating mitt under the water to activate the Kessa material. You will want to step away from any direct running water as your mitt relies on friction to do its best job. Firmly rub in circular motions to exfoliate and resurface skin. After use, rinse your mitt of any dead skin and air dry.

 Grab Your Kailee Sunless Exfoliating Mitt (Made of Kessa), HERE!


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