Tan Talk: Three Easy Spray Tan Prep Steps You NEED To Know

First timer? Have no clue where to start? Need a quick refresher? We got you, girl.

Like we always say... The outcome of an airbrush tan relies 50% on the client (you) and 50% on the technician (me). It's really not a good idea to show up to your appointment with your skin not properly prepped. Unfortunately, the products that you put on during your morning routine or the shower you took right before heading out the door can greatly affect how your spray tan develops - and not in a good way.

Below you will find our top three guidelines for ensuring both you and your skin are best prepared to receive a golden glow!

1. Schedule Mindfully

As a golden rule, ALWAYS schedule your spray tan as the very last appointment amongst all your other beauty regimens. The following appointments should be scheduled on a separate day than your spray tan to ensure there are no left over products still on the skin.

- Nails (Both Manicure + Pedicure)

- Hair Coloring/Blow Outs

- Massages

- Waxing/Sugaring/Laser Hair Removal

- Facials/Body Scrub Treatments

2. Shower + Exfoliate

You will want to shower with a gel-based body wash, meaning absolutely no cream bases, soap bars, or Dove products! These products can create a film on the skin that your spray tan will not adhere to, possibly resulting in streaks.

During your shower, shave any unwanted body hair with a razor that is free of a moisture strip and exfoliate thoroughly with a Kailee Sunless Exfoliating Mitt at least 12 hours prior to your appointment time.

If you MUST take a shower the same day as your appointment, it should be at least four hours prior. Be sure to finish with a cold rinse to close up your pores to avoid any bronzer settling in them resulting in tiny black dots.

3. Appointment Arrival

Please arrive to your appointment free of any deodorant, perfume, moisturizer, oils, and/or makeup as these products will act as a barrier between your tan and your skin and your airbrush may develop with areas lighter/darker than others.

If you know you will be coming to your appointment from work, we recommend packing a "Spray Tan Bag" with any items you may need to properly prep once you arrive to the studio. While we offer complimentary hair ties, hair caps, nipple covers, makeup wipes, nose plugs, and disposable thongs, you may want to wear a swimsuit or your own underwear for the session. It is also wise to pack an umbrella in case of unfavorable weather and a black towel to drape on your car seat to avoid any bronzer transfer.

You will also want to wear dark, loose-fitting clothing, and open-toed sandals after your spray. Cotton apparel is preferred - Please avoid any wool, nylon, or silk. Understand that putting on any denim, yoga pants, clasp bras/sports bras, or any clothing that is tight-fitting after your tan can cause unwanted friction resulting in your tan getting rubbed off in certain areas. Please note that the bronzer in our solutions may transfer to your items, but are water soluble and will wash out.

Get it? Got it? Good! We hope to make your spray tan experience at Kailee Sunless a glowing one! By following our prep steps you can bet on a flawless tan each and every time!

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