Tan Talk: How To Hydrate Before, During, And After Your Spray Tan

Have you ever been a victim of the dreaded alligator skin effect after a spray tan? If so, your skin is probably lacking some much needed moisture! Below you'll find the best skin hydration practices for before, during, and after getting your spray tan!

- Leading Up To Your Spray Tan -

This time is crucial to introduce a hydration ritual to ensure that your skin is highly moisturized to decrease the chances of your spray tan developing unevenly due to drier patches of skin being present.

The best time to apply moisturizer is immediately after a warm shower when your pores are open. This will allow the moisture to really seep into the skin and provide maximum results.

Using any lotion that you have on-hand and/or Coconut Oil is fine during this time period. Also be sure to drink an abundance of water to create healthy skin from the inside-out!

- The Day Of Your Spray Tan -

Do not moisturize! Any product that is applied to the skin will create a barrier that your spray tan unfortunately will not adhere to.

If you arrive to your appointment and try to "wipe off" any leftover lotion residue that you applied in the morning, it won't do you too much good since the moisture has already soaked into the skin and can greatly affect the development of your tan.

Understand that this is the only time you should not be using product on the skin, but should still be drinking as much water as possible!

- After Getting Your Spray Tan -

Once you have rinsed and your spray tan is fully developed, you can then begin your hydration ritual again. Be sure to apply product morning and night for a long-lasting tan with an even fade. 

Please Note: You are fine to apply moisturizer immediately after rinsing off a Standard Tan. As for Express Tans, you will need to wait until your color fully develops before moisturizing - Any product applied while a tan is continuing to develop can halt the darkening process and result in a lighter tan than expected.

Unlike the week leading up to your spray tan, you should be very picky about what you are putting on your skin to elongate the life of your spray tan and not strip it. It's best to invest in moisturizers that are free of mineral oil, are glycerin-based, and have little to no fragrance. 

Click here for a list of our favorite moisturizers that are "Spray Tan Safe!"

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